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The power of prayer in your daily life

Resurrection Family Circle



At the Open House last week we had a parent from each table come up and light a candle that represented our children baptismal candle and renewed the promise we made to keep the flame of faith alive in their heart.

As the parents worked together to light each others candles it reminded me how much we needed each other to light the candle and keep the candles lit or rather flame of faith alive in our children. It was Fr John Ricardo at Our Lady of Good Council said that the promise we made at our child’s baptism translated to 4 agreements that we make as a family to support and protect our child’s faith formation. These 4 agreements were to:

  • Attend Mass

  • Seek The Sacrament of Reconciliation

  • Pray Daily and

  • Talk About Our Faith

This might be super easy for a lot of you, but I can honestly say I struggle with all 4 of these at some time or another - and two of them most the time! I know from creating the SWFL Catholic Moms group, having support makes it so much easier! So come join us in the conference room for more coffee and snacks and to learn more about how to fan the flame of faith for our children and ourselves - If you can’t join us today, make sure to sign up for our Private FB Group “Resurrection Family Circle” and if there are several people not on FB, but still want to be connected, I can send out emails with helpful tips that you might find useful.

Thanks Everyone!






  • laptop in the conference room

  • bring audio cord

  • bose speaker & plug

  • bring the connectors for TV/Laptop

Start with the Parents Prayer (ATTACHED)

Explain the format of our meetings.

We wanted to meet and get to know other parents and parishioners at Resurrection while learning, discussing topics that are relevant to us all. If anyone has a topic they would like to go deeper into please feel free to share with the group or me personally after our meeting. It is very important that what we talk about in this group stays in the group, especially if someone shares something personal. I will post notes and tips to our private FB page (and email if needed), as I always like to have them as reference for myself.

After the video, we will go around the table and introduce each other and share thoughts about the video we watched.

The video I will play for us will hopefully get us thinking about some of those topics the we would like to learn more about. Topics that will help our children and ourselves unlock the mysteries of our Catholic Faith.


Fr Mike Talk “What’s Your Burden?” 6 MINUTES

It is not the burden of the work that weighs us down, it’s the perspective that we take when we approach it.

  • concerned with what others think of us

  • resentment of the situation (resent our reality)

  • equating our work to our identity

Change our perspective and recover our identity

  • you are a son or daughter of God

  • beloved creature of God

  • you have an audience of ONE.

What struck a cord with me is how in just one weeks time I have felt the burden of all 3 of the examples he listed. Getting up last week in front of all of you and then again today, a weekend of resentment for my house and living in Florida :( since Irma, and the 3rd constantly wondering is it my pride that makes me want to take on volunteering at church… and why is is so hard for me even when I am at church to change my perspective and see myself as a daughter of God… I know I am - but I feel that I hide that fact. Praying silently so uno one in my house hears me… even my daughter has learned my habits of silent prayer…she says because it won’t come true…I am realizing that when I do that it makes it even harder for my daughter to be brave Catholic. I’m a convert - did anyone grow up in a Catholic family in which you talked about your faith and prayed OUTLOUD together?

It kinda clicked for me that this is why we offer up our suffering to God. It is a sacrifice of perspective.