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How this man kept his faith alive after a tragedy

Last year Fr John Ricardo spoke to the parents of students as they entered into Faith Formation year at Our Lady of Good Counsel, in Plymouth, MI.

If you would like to hear what he had to say in its entirety (1 hour long, but the good stuff is in the beginning) you can watch the video here:

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If you would like the cliff note version, keep reading ;)

He started his talks with a renewal of the baptismal promise and lighting of the baptismal candle. Up until this point I was like most moms - a totally tired mom of a newborn - so I had completely forgotten about the lighting of the candle and more specifically what it meant. I loved the imaginary and feelings it brought me. It was so special that I told our Fatih Formation Director she was eager to “recreate” this for all the faith formation families at the open house.

We all desperately want to protect our children and make sure that no matter what happens in their life that they know they are loved by God. So let us together recommit to this promise.

Then we had a parent from each table come up and What we are going to do is have one parent from each table take a candle that is one the table and bring in to the front alter to light. Then bring it back to the tables and light each of the candles at your table.Deanna will lead the prayer while they light the candles. . . Receive the light of Christ: Parents this light is entrusted to you to be kept burning brightly. This child of yours has been enlightened by Christ and is to always walk as a child of the light. May they keep the flame of faith alive in their heart. When the Lord comes, may our children go out to meet them with all the saints in the heavenly kingdom. Play Matt Maher Echo Trailer: you blow out the candles and return them to the baskets, think about how we all needed each other to light the candle, keep the candles lit. Fr John Ricardo said in his homily that the promise we made translate to 4 agreements that we make as a family to support and protect our child’s faith formation. These 4 agreements were to:Attend MassSeek The Sacrament of Reconciliation Talk About The Faith andPray Daily As A FamilyThis might be super easy for a lot of you, but I can honestly say I struggle with this, but I know with support we can do this together. Let Deanna finish. Remind parents of signups and dismiss to go pick up children.