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For years I have wanted to start this blog, but fear always crept in and it never got started. So I just writing and saving my ideas for the future... My pray intentions this year have been to have courage as I take on new challenges: writing a book, and starting a mothers ministry at my church, blogging, all the while raising my kids, being a loving wife, and taking care of the home front.

Life can be so complicated with hundreds of things pulling for our attention, I wanted to be able to share some of the tips that I have learned and maybe spare some of you from having to do things the hard way (which from childhood was my preferred way of doing things) I always thought that life didn't come with an instruction manual, so anything goes. Fast forward 44 years and I am finding that there is such a manual and it's called  "The Bible". So many people sharing their joy, wisdom, trials, and tribulations in order to show us the easy way to lead a joy filled life! 

I like to spend my time improving my relationships with God, taking care of myself, my husband, my children, my home, and my community (just as God had prioritized it). It has brought me great peace and been an extremely helpful reminder to me when I get pulled in to many directions. I hope you find it useful too.   

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